2017 Pinot Noir Reserve


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The Wine

This elegant Pinot Noir was made with non-interventionist techniques. Native yeast fermentation, followed by spontaneous malolactic occurring in the spring, helped to give this wine its complex aromatic profile and silky texture. You will notice flavours of baked blueberries, strawberry preserves, rose petals, cola, and toasted walnuts. Its medium body and smooth tannins give way to bright acidity. Enjoy with salmon, mushroom dishes, roast duck breast or pink peppercorn steak.

2017 was a pretty normal year until sometime in July, when the first of the wildfires broke out. Every year has its challenges, in 2017, it was the smoke. Our brave vineyard workers donned their particulate masks day in and day out and worked through the difficult conditions. Meanwhile, our vines were hard at work producing beautiful fruit under smoky skies. Yes, there is a risk that smoky flavours can find their way into the wine, but here at Monte Creek we took absolutely every effort to mitigate those effects. We pick in the early dawn to keep the fruit cold, hand sort absolutely every cluster of fruit, press lightly, and a myriad of other strategies. It’s a ton of effort, but the results are wines that are fresh, flavourful, and exactly what you would expect from a quality British Columbia wine.


Awards & Accolades

The Facts

  • Alcohol14%
  • Residual SugarDry 1.6 g/L
  • pH4
  • Tartaric Acid5.3 g/L