2016 Cabernet Merlot


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The Wine

50/50. That’s the blend of this Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and also the tickets you buy after a few too many beers at the hockey game. Unlike hockey teams, these two play nice together. Cabernet Sauvignon brings structure and body (think Zdeno Chara), while the Merlot brings plushness and softens the wine (insert Canucks joke here, and yes, I am a Canucks fan). If you’ve been to Monte Creek (and if you haven’t, you should), then you may have seen our 7000L French oak vats. Much of this wine was vinified in these vats, adding complexity and texture.

The 2016 vintage started with our earliest budbreak yet, with most varieties budding out in early April. A warm spring had us thinking that we would begin harvesting as early as the beginning of August, but a rainy June and July brought things closer to normal (if there is such a thing). Harvest still began two weeks early, on August 22nd, but was a long and extended one as we didn’t finish bringing in our last fruit until October 28th. Milder temperatures during the heat of summer allowed us to have more gradual ripening than in 2015. This allowed the grapes to accumulate intense flavour without sugars skyrocketing. Our own vineyards suffered from poor weather during flowering, which resulted in a reduced crop. Our loss is your gain, as less crop usually means more concentration. The result is flavour packed wines that show elegance and moderate alcohol.

Awards & Accolades

The Facts

  • Alcohol14%
  • Residual Sugar2.4 g/l
  • pH3.63
  • Tartaric Acid6.3 g/l