2015 Hands Up White

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The Wine

The lovingly named ‘Hands Up White’ is an aromatic white blend of ‘cool’ new world grapes with racy acidity. It is made up of 61% Frontenac Blanc, 25% La Crescent, and 14% Viognier. This unique mixture is easy to sip with sweet as well as savory foods, or anything that fits in your picnic basket. It is truly a versatile wine. You will notice smells like peach, pear, and croissants on the noes. The palate offers a mildly sweet attack with a dry finish. It holds true to the character of the polite gentleman bandit that Billy Miner was.

An early budbreak, followed by one of the hottest years in BC history, led to the earliest recorded grape harvest. We began picking some of our grapes in August, a full month ahead of schedule. 2015 was all about trying to slow things down. Luckily, our cool South Thompson nights helped us to retain plenty of acidity and freshness in our white wines. Meanwhile, the intense heat created some of the most concentrated and deeply coloured red wines we have ever produced.

Awards & Accolades

The Facts

  • Alcohol13.7
  • Residual Sugar11.5 g/l
  • pH3.47
  • Tartaric Acid8.1 g/l