Wine Club FAQ

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Wine Club FAQ

Q. How can I know more about the wines I receive?

You can find information for each of our wines on our website by clicking Buy Wine on the menu. There you can find descriptions of the taste as well as the harvest date and other specs.

Q. Can I suspend my membership for a period of time?

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to ‘opt out’ of a shipment, however you can call us to suspend your Wine Club account for a longer period of time. Be sure to call before the order deadline for the next shipment.

Q. When will I receive my wine?

You will receive a shipment of wine in April and October. We will send you a confirmation email the week before orders are shipped. You can also look at the Next Shipment Details on our website at any time.

Q. What is the cost of a Wine Club Membership?

There is no membership fee for our Wine Club. As a wine club member you are committing to purchasing three 6-bottle or 12-bottle shipments per year, and benefit from a 10% discount on wine as well as reduced shipping costs.

Q. How much will I pay for each Wine Club order?

The exact price of your order will depend on your membership type as well as the wines chosen for you by our winemaker. For a 6-bottle All-White membership, an order may average $79.65, plus $20 for shipping. For a 12-bottle All-Red membership, a typical order could be $172.80 and the shipping would be free.

Q. How are wines chosen for each order?

Our winemaker will select an assortment of wine for you, based on your choice of a white wine, red wine, or mixed bottle membership.

Shipping FAQ

Q. How much will I pay for shipping for each wine club order?

Shipping is $20 for 6-bottle orders and $34 for 12+ bottle orders. Shipping is free for 12-Bottle Wine Club Members.