Expect to get sweaty with a 60 minute outdoor spin class!
The same beats, and burn as in studio, this time with sunshine & wine!


Class 1    |    $40.00 + tax

9:30am – Class begins
10:30am – Wine Tasting
11:00am – Brunch by Uptown Chefs

Class 2    |    $40.00 + tax

11:00am – Class begins
12:00pm – Wine Tasting
12:30pm – Lunch by Uptown Chefs

Please arrive 15 minutes early, to complete all paperwork, grab your shoes, hand weights, a bike, and have the instructor go through proper bike set-up. Please be sure to let your instructor know of any injuries or limitations. Always remember – it is your ride, your workout, so if at any time, feel free to dial it back and just keep moving.

Tickets can be purchased through:

**PLEASE NOTE: Tickets will be released mid July for the August 11th classes.



The vision of K Spin is to create a happy, uplifting space, where you come to workout, increase your overall well-being, and meet new like minded people. Our goal is to provide every rider with the tools, and motivation to become their best selves.


Our full body 50-minute workouts aren’t your typical spin class. We ride to the beat, we climb together, we jog together and we race together. The highly trained instructors and killer beats keep you amped up, to deliver a sweat like no other. You will burn 100’s of calories, the use of hand weights help tone your arms, and shoulders.


The music is what drives us, what speaks to us, so the music always matters. We use to music to motivate, inspire, and drive us. The music syncs us, so we all ride together, as one.

Each class will be loaded with a killer playlist, made by the instructor, so each class is different. Each instructor has their own style, and music choice, so you are sure to find music you love.


Dress for sweat! Avoid long, loose clothing, as they could potentially get caught while spinning. We recommend shorts, or leggings, a good bra and a comfy shirt. Don’t forget socks! However, if you do, we’ve got you covered!


Spin shoes provide a better experience and are required to ride. The stiff soles of spin shoes allow for more power to be generated during each pedal stroke, and engages more leg muscles to help keep you well balanced. We have shoes available in a range of sizes, but you are always welcome to bring your own. Our bikes are SPD clip compatible.


Hydrating your body before and after class is key. We have a filtered water cooler to refill your bottles, or if you have forgotten a water bottle, we have bottled water available for purchase.

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Date 9:30am & 11:00am - Sunday, August 11, 2019

Location  Monte Creek Ranch | Crush Pad