Come out to Monte Creek Ranch Winery for a fun way to earn your wine. Kangoo in the Vineyard is a low impact fitness class suitable to all. During these classes, there will be a combination of strength and cardio exercises using both our own body weight, various equipment, along with the Kangoo Jumps boots.

The benefits of Kangoo Jumps are remarkable

As a form of rebound exercise, using Kangoo Jumps:

  • reduces your body fat
  • firms your arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, and hips
  • increases your agility
  • overall strengthens your muscles
  • helps to develop and strength balance
  • provides an aerobic effect for your heart
  • rejuvenates your body

Compared to other forms of exercise, Kangoo Jumps is suitable for all activity levels. You can learn more by visiting: https://www.kangooclubkamloops.com/.

Class starts at 10 am and be will 1 hour in length. Please wear appropriate footwear, clothing and bring a water bottle. Dress for the weather, this class will run rain or shine. After you are done your hour of sweating, you will head into up to the winery and enjoy a healthy lunch and wine tasting.

The cost per class is $25 and you must pre-register to attend. This includes a sandwich or salad locally made lunch and a wine tasting. Please note all fitness equipment is included and the class is limited to 20 participants.

To sign up or for more information please email [email protected]


Date 10 am - Saturday, June 24, 2017

Location  Monte Creek Ranch Winery Tasting Room